Hi, I'm James Scaur. I'm a 20 year old Kiwi who currently lives in Tbilisi. I'm one of the #BUIDLers of txBatch, the bulk search block explorer.

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What I'm doing now

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Living in Tbilisi has been awesome.

It has been my first time in Eastern Europe, let alone Georgia, and it has met and exceeded all my expectations. Including:

Cheap: $5-7 meals - and I'm talking full meals, the stuff that'd cost you at least double in New Zealand. Cafe brewed coffee? $1.50. A glass of wine? $1.75. Our AirBnB is $13 a night.

Georgian hospitality: On my second day I knocked on the wrong door of our apartment building, and was promptly met by a man with a pistol. After realising I wasn't an intruder, he promptly invited me to come in and share fresh persimmons and his own homemade chacha. I've come to the conclusion that Georgia is the best place in the world to be a broke foreigner in; you could spend a whole year visa-free getting invited into people's homes to share dinner with them.

Delicious food: If I had to describe Georgian food in one word, it'd be hearty. Soup-kharcho (beef shank soup), khinkali (pork-beef-mutton dumplings), khachapuri (giant cheese pie). Sorry low-carbers, but you won't last for a day here.

And all the bad stuff I expected didn't even come to pass. Both my kidneys are still intact plus the extra four I brought as backups. The worst thing to happen to me so far was giardia, but I could have got that just as easily in New Zealand.

However, despite Georgia being awesome, me and Winston have decided to fly out on the 20th. Winter gets pretty cold here, he was keen to go back to Thailand, I was keen to go back to Denmark.

Regardless, here's the great news: we actually got txBatch up and running! Now it's just a matter of using our last days here to figure out logistics, onboard our first customers, and work out the kinks.

Other random stuff I've been doing: digital detox to focus on txBatch, deleted my old Github repos, made a death chest, moved from Dropbox to Keybase, finished migrating my email to Tutanota.

Last updated 16/Dec/18