New Zealander living in Brazil.

Full-stack developer specialising in cryptocurrency.

Co-founder of Easy Crypto Brasil.

I also give away my own money to people who want to try out cryptocurrency :)

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Gringo neozelandês morando no Brasil.

Desenvolvedor full stack especializado em criptomoedas.

Co-fundador da Easy Crypto Brasil.

Eu também dou meu próprio dinheiro para pessoas que querem experimentar a criptomoeda :)

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My open cryptocurrency offer:

Ever since 2016 I have been actively working with and introducing people to cryptocurrency.

One of the most effective ways I have ever helped people get involved, is simply giving them a couple of dollars worth of crypto to play with.

You can reach out to me anytime to take me up on this. Simply download Trust Wallet or Exodus Wallet on your phone, and ask me for some free crypto.

Remember to back up your "seed phrase"!

Minha oferta aberta de criptomoedas:

Desde 2016, tenho trabalhado ativamente e apresentado às pessoas a criptomoedas.

Uma das maneiras mais eficazes de ajudar as pessoas a se envolverem é simplesmente dando a elas alguns dólares em criptomoedas para brincar.

Você pode entrar em contato comigo a qualquer momento para falar sobre isso. Basta fazer o download da Trust Wallet ou Exodus Wallet em seu cellular e me pedir o seu gratuitas criptomoedas.

Lembre-se de fazer backup de sua "frase-semente"!

What I'm doing now:

Taking a break from LinkedIn and Instagram.

Recently got my residency in Brazil approved, and am waiting for another 2-3 months before things are finalised (and I can get a bank account, etc.)

Working half time on Easy Crypto Brazil and half time as a software developer.

Building a service to allow PIX payment requests to be paid with cryptocurrency.

Searching for high-impact charity initatives that help Brazilians economically affected by covid-19 regulations.

Working out regularly. Waiting for the pandemic restrictions to be eased.

My projects:

I have worked on a variety of business and technical projects over the past 9 years. For over half my career, I have worked exclusively in the cryptocurrency/blockchain market.

Easy Crypto Brazil

Easy Crypto Brazil

"A Easy" is the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Brazil, inspired by and part-owned by the New Zealand exchange of the same name.



PIX is an instant payment system recently launched in Brazil. It is an open protocol, so I made this small demo app that allows a PIX payment request to be paid with cryptocurrency.


Bungee-jumping in Queenstown

I'm a New Zealander.

I didn’t realize, until I began travelling, that by and large I'm a stereotypical kiwi (New Zealander.) Meaning:

resourceful with "no. 8 wire" mentality - good at solving problems via unconventional meanshas an accent that confuses even native english speakersloves marmiteenjoys a shot of adrenaline, whether via extreme sports or gamblingprefers doing things to talkinghas bad fashion sensecalls walking up a mountain a 'tramp'strikes up conversations with strangerslikes to drink beereats quicker than they should
But of course, there are exceptions - I:

am more live-to-work than work-to-livedon't have a "she'll be right" attitude - tend to overprepare for failuretend to be cautious with people, trusting slowlydon't play or watch rugbylove big cities like São Paulo (which has almost 5x the population of the entirety of New Zealand)

I am a versatile software engineer specialized in displaying/understanding blockchain transactions.

I first bought bitcoin in 2013, when I was in high school.

To say that it's shaped my career is an understatement - I got my first "real job" as a web developer, and subsequent work in the eCommerce and mobile apps space, all thanks to skills I learned via bitcoin.

In 2017 I took the jump to begin working exclusively in cryptocurrency, and haven't looked back since.

I've worked with several trailblazing crypto companies including Binance, SatoshiLabs, iFinex, and Cryptopia.

The 3 things I've done since beginning working in crypto, that I'm most proud of, are:

1. Spearheaded the development of bitcoin payments at over 15 thousand Coca-Cola vending machines across New Zealand and Australia. This was full-stack: I built the wallet, mobile app interface, API, and connector with Coca-Cola's cloud vending systems.

2. Quit my job to move to Georgia (the country, not the state), to start a business and create the world's first bulk-search block explorer. Even though this was a commercial failure, I learned a ton, and came out with a lot of friends in the crypto industry.

3. Helped thousands of customers recover and access what is now probably worth several million dollars worth of cryptocurrency, in deposit-related accidents, at a top-20 crypto exchange.

I am always working and learning. Check out my projects for more.

References available on request.

Why did I move to Brazil?

I came to Brazil in late 2019 on somewhat of a whim after backpacking through Europe.

I went to Goiania as my first city, which tends to make a lot of Brazilians chuckle - it's an inland city known for farming, not touristic at all.

I initially found the country confronting and uncomfortable. But over time I settled in and began to love Brazil, its people, and its customs.

Early I had the opportunity to volunteer at a careers fair. I decided to do a cryptocurrency giveaway.

This was a pivotal moment in my decision to move to Brazil for 2 reasons:

1. I met TONS of people at my presentation who were chomping at the bit to learn more about crypto! Brazilians seemed very open to new ways of using/storing/investing their money. Way more than any other country I had lived in or visited.

2. I met Israel from Biscoint, an easy way for Brazilians to compare the price of bitcoin between exchanges. It was through him I discovered just how big the bitcoin community was in Brazil, and began to appreciate the size of the Brazilian market.

James Scaur and Israel Buzaym


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