Hi, I'm James Scaur. I'm a 20 year old Kiwi who currently lives in Tbilisi. I am co-founder and head #BUIDLer of txBatch, the bulk search block explorer.

no ©opyright for me here boi. official crypto addresses:
ETH: 0x6348dBEa8987c27f8462755E493f64D99C28dD05
OpenAlias addresses: xmr@scaur.nz | btc@scaur.nz
BCH: 13PuXUSP1qE3hcJhhsSwNDcyMh9R9Wh88px

Keybase dir: jamesscaur dot keybase dot pub

What I'm doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

I’m living in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Why? Cheap cost of living, refresh of scenery, cheaper flights to Europe, fast internet.

I'm co-founding txBatch with my friend and fellow New Zealand-born traveller/entrepreneur, Winston.

It's a bulk search block explorer. Think Skyscanner or Google Flights, for crypto transactions.

It solves a major frustration I've had working in an exchange over the last year: having to manually search transactions one at a time on different block explorers.

It's a horribly inefficient process, but haven't been any solutions out there yet. Til now.

November also marks a year since I decided to delete my social media. Since then I have stayed off Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat, but sort of replaced it with dApps (particularly Peepeth) and Twitter. Because of that I'm taking a digital detox from those too, til 2019.

We'll be moving to Thailand sometime in the summer...

Last updated 12/Nov/2018