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I am doing an clean-up, inspired by Ryan Holiday's latest book, Stillness is the Key.

In it he has a chapter that touches on why you should "limit your inputs" to become more present.

That's a big goal of mine because I struggle to focus and think I often come across as aloof.

Here's the main ways I am limiting my inputs:
1. Quitting social media accounts
2. Unsubscribing from newsletters, and avoiding the news
3. Deleting my old emails, messages, contacts, notes, photos, and projects
4. Reducing the number of ways people can contact me

I hope that this will make me more focused, and pay better attention to everyone I deal with.

Speaking of which - here are some potential ways I can help you, at low/no cost.


James Scaur

I currently offer for free/low cost:
Introductions to engineers, marketers, writers, and designers in the cryptocurrency industryConnections in other industries - including insurance, videography, payments, and data scienceCryptocurrency and instructions how to use it
For higher cost, I offer:
Cryptocurrency software development, particularly related to my specialty, displaying blockchain data
I am currently looking for:
Brazilian contacts of any kindMentorship on launching a business in an emerging marketMarketing and business strategy advice
About me

I am currently working on opening a fiat-crypto brokerage in Brazil.

My career mission is to increase cryptocurrency adoption, particularly Bitcoin. I also have a passion for helping people achieve their potential, particularly Brazilians.

I have lived and worked in over 8 countries, including both rich and poor countries, and countries with majority non-English speaking inhabitants.

From 2017-2020 I worked for a variety of startups in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry, in a variety of roles - mostly software engineering. I began specialising in displaying blockchain data in 2018.

From 2015-2017 I worked in web and mobile development, with a specialisation in eCommerce.

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Please me know what you're doing, what your aims are, and any favours you need.


James Scaur

What I'm doing now
Coming soon. Based off NowNowNow.com.

My will
Coming soon. My old version is on my Keybase public folder.

I'm a big fan of preparing for my death. Whilst I'm still in my early 20s, I have lost multiple good friends already, and there is no special differentiator between me and them that means I should survive longer.

Plus most of the value/assets I "own" are in cryptocurrency, so my normal will would be hard to enforce.