New Zealander living in Brazil.

Co-founder of Easy Crypto Brasil.

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Gringo neozelandês morando no Brasil.

Co-fundador da Easy Crypto Brasil.

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Why I deleted my old LinkedIn:

I've lost a lot of time to LinkedIn since I created my account in 2014. I don't like it's feed, messaging experience, nor the constant spam. I am also not a fan of the data collection.

After quitting my job in 2021 to go full-time on my business, I no longer had a reason to use it - I was forming better, more meaningful business connections via direct reachouts.

Just got convinced to come back on by Chris Metcalfe. I still don't love LinkedIn but I'll try use it better this time.

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What I'm doing now:

Just finished a full month of travelling around Brazil - partly for business, partly for fun.

Quit alcohol and am in the process of quitting gambling (via Alan Carr's EasyWay.)

Taking a break from Instagram and recently deleted my old LinkedIn - though I'm back on a new profile again.

Finally got my residency in Brazil approved.

Working 4 days a week at Easy Crypto Brazil and wrapping up my software contracting work.

My projects:

For over half my career, I have worked exclusively in the cryptocurrency/blockchain market.

Easy Crypto Brazil

Easy Crypto Brazil

"A Easy" is the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Brazil, inspired by and part-owned by the New Zealand exchange of the same name.



PIX is an instant payment system recently launched in Brazil. It is an open protocol, so I made this small demo app that allows a PIX payment request to be paid with cryptocurrency.


I am a versatile software engineer specialized in displaying/understanding blockchain transactions.

Note: I am currently not available to work on any new projects.

I first bought bitcoin in 2013, when I was in high school.

To say that it's shaped my career is an understatement - I got my first "real job" as a web developer, and subsequent work in the eCommerce and mobile apps space, all thanks to skills I learned via bitcoin.

In 2017 I took the jump to begin working exclusively in cryptocurrency, and haven't looked back since.

I've worked with several trailblazing crypto companies including Binance, SatoshiLabs, iFinex, and Cryptopia.

The 3 things I've done since beginning working in crypto, that I'm most proud of, are:

1. Spearheaded the development of bitcoin payments at over 15 thousand Coca-Cola vending machines across New Zealand and Australia. This was full-stack: I built the wallet, mobile app interface, API, and connector with Coca-Cola's cloud vending systems.

2. Quit my job to move to Georgia (the country, not the state), to start a business and create the world's first bulk-search block explorer. Even though this was a commercial failure, I learned a ton, and came out with a lot of friends in the crypto industry.

3. Helped thousands of customers recover and access what is now probably worth several million dollars worth of cryptocurrency, in deposit-related accidents, at a top-20 crypto exchange.

I am always working and learning. Check out my projects for more.

References available on request.

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